Frequently Asked Questions

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Bring a Friend

Can I bring a friend with me to work out?

Sure, it's great to work out with friends and they can come to one FREE Boot Camp session with you. However, you MUST arrive a few minutes early so she can fill out the medical waiver that all clients have to fill out.

What if my friend joins the Boot Camp, do I get anything?

You bet you do! We give you $50. Just let us know who she is.


Do I still do cardio in addition to the Boot Camp, like walking, biking, etc.?

Yes, to reach a certain level of health and fitness goals, it is encouraged to get it in 5 days a week of exercise. You can count the Boot Camp as your cardio so if you do 4 sessions a week, you only need to find 1 other day to do cardio.


What do I wear to the Boot Camp?

Comfortable clothing that doesn't have zippers (like jean shorts or button up shorts – its harder to move around in those). Many wear cotton shorts and a T-shirt. We ask that you don't wear clothing that is way too revealing. We have women of all shapes and sizes and we want everyone to feel comfortable.

What shoes do I wear?

You can wear running/tennis/aerobics shoes.

Can I wear sandals?

For your safety, no sandals or open toed shoes.

Difficulty of Workouts

How difficult are the workouts?

They are certainly going to challenge you but we train women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels so even if you are a beginner, we will give you modifications….don't worry. And we have Beginner workouts for this reason. Everyone new starts in Beginner unless you are already very fit. And the great thing about our workouts is they are only 30 minutes!

How often should I train in an "unlimited" boot camp?

Be smart about this. If you are totally out of shape, you know, then we don't recommend you train more than 3 times the first week. The 2nd week you can attend up to 4, if you are able to. The goals it longevity here, not a sprint so you don't want to be so sore you can't move and if you train too much in the beginning without "breaking your body in", then you will be too sore….we don't want that. Once you get in better shape you can train 4 to 6 days a week, if you choose to but we see people get GREAT results training only 3x a week.


What if I have injuries? Can I do this boot camp?

Really depends what kind they are. If you have been released by a doctor to exercise, then you should be fine. If you have herniated disks, bulging discs, have recently had surgery, have serious knee pain, you will just need to be careful on certain exercises – doesn't mean you can't do it though. I would still get clearance from your Doctor, just to be safe. Also we have a Beginner boot camp for this reason, this helps people ease it to it. We have had many people who used to have chronic back pain, then when they started working out, it totally went away!


Where is the Boot Camp located?

Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 5020 Gunn Highway Unit #250 Tampa, FL 33624 About one mile West of Dale Mabry and about 1 mile East of Anderson. Pull into the parking lot on the right side of the building. We are in the same building as the Orthodontist. Click here for a body transformation analysis.

What is the address?

5020 Gunn Highway Suite #250
Tampa, FL 33624
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Price of Memberships

What is the price of memberships on a monthly basis?

It will totally depend on what program you choose to do, you are going to love it! Meet with us to go over what your goals are and see what program is going to be right for you. Click here for a body transformation analysis.


What is this program about?

It is a custom designed Health & Fitness program designed by the largest and fastest growing fitness franchise in the world, Fit Body Boot Camp. Samantha Taylor who is a Health & Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer with over 25 years of experience is the owner of the Carrollwood franchise and she oversees and heads oversees the program. The goal is to get you in great shape and to feel great by workouts and a simple nutrition plan. Click here for a body transformation analysis.


What times are your Boot Camp sessions?

As of now, they are as follows….but as we get people registered for certain time slots, we will open more times.

This is our Grand Opening Schedule…as sessions get fuller we will add more sessions and have 10 a day and also have Wednesdays.

Schedule --- READ the Key Below the Schedule

Boot Class Times

5020 Gunn Highway Suite #250, Tampa

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