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Samantha Taylor - Body Transformation Expert

Hello, my name is Samantha Taylor,

I'm a certified fitness trainer and passionate about helping residents of Carrollwood achieve their fitness and fat loss results. In fact if you're looking for a Carrollwood Fitness boot camp - this is the place for you!

All my life I struggled with food, not knowing what to eat, eating too much, being hooked on sugar to emotional eating and I started to pack on the weight. I had no idea how to stop it. Maybe you can relate.

Like many people I felt hopeless. I was ready to give up!

I was even a trainer at a large corporate gym at the time and had become the #1 personal trainer out of 2000 trainers….but I was still really struggling! I got fed up with my weight gain and started to really see my body change after making a few small adjustments. I was amazed at how fast it happened.

I am so passionate about health and fitness because of how much its impacted my life. I feel great, food no longer controls me, I have tone muscles and abundant energy.

Now I have helped over 4000 women in this community lose weight and get healthy through my personal training services and I am so excited to take it to the next level with this boot camp.

Fit Body Boot Camp helps me dedicate my life to helping others and turn my passion into a vehicle to change lives for the better. You will get results when you work with us and I can't wait for you to experience how amazing you can truly feel!

Talk to you soon!

Samantha Taylor

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